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Election 2015: Plaid promise cash boost for public services

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Media captionLeanne Wood said 'the priority for Plaid Cymru is turning around the Welsh economy'

Plaid Cymru has promised more cash for Welsh public services, an extra 1,000 medical jobs and to scrap taxes for 70,000 small businesses.

Launching its general election manifesto, party leader Leanne Wood said she wanted an "end to austerity".

Ms Wood said the four Westminster leaders offered "nothing more than further swingeing cuts" to voters.

Plaid says it will negotiate jointly with the SNP and the Greens if there is a hung parliament.

Key priorities

Plaid Cymru

Main pledges

  • Living wage for all employees by 2020
  • Extra 1,000 doctors for Welsh NHS
  • Scrap Bedroom Tax
  • Transfer control of criminal justice system - including policing - to Wales
  • Oppose renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons system
  • Wales to get same powers as Scotland. Also similar funding - additional £1.2bn each year

Policy guide: Where the parties stand

Plaid Cymru wants the devolved Welsh government funded to the same level per head of population as the Scottish government - which it says amounts to £1.2bn extra a year.

At the party's launch event in Bangor, Ms Wood accused the UK parties of giving "no commitment to securing an economic recovery for all".

Plaid wants to restore the 50p income tax rate for earnings above £150,000, increase National Insurance contributions for higher earners and put a tax on sugary drinks.

Ms Wood also pledged to create up to 50,000 jobs by awarding more public contracts to Welsh firms.

She later told the BBC's Daily Politics programme Plaid Cymru could support a minority Labour government on a "case-by-case basis" - even if Ed Miliband pressed ahead with replacing Britain's Trident nuclear weapons system.

Analysis by Nick Servini, BBC Wales political editor

Plaid's manifesto contains plenty of familiar territory but there's no mention of the £1.2bn which is repeatedly referred to by Leanne Wood as the extra funding Wales needs to achieve parity with Scotland.

It talks about the creation of an independent commission to resolve funding issues in future.

Elsewhere, there are plans to reintroduce the 50p top rate of income tax.

Independence is not mentioned until page 36 out of a 64 page document, and then only briefly.

More from Nick on Plaid's manifesto.

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