Election 2015 Scotland

Election 2015: SNP wins all seven Glasgow seats

Nicola Sturgeon with newly elected SNP Glasgow MPs
Image caption Nicola Sturgeon said the SNP winners in Glasgow were her "magnificent seven"

The SNP has won all seven constituencies in Glasgow.

Glasgow North was first to declare in the city, where Patrick Grady ousted Labour's Ann McKechin.

In doing so, he became the first SNP member of parliament to be elected in Glasgow at a general election.

Former shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran and former interim Scottish party leader Anas Sarwar were among the other Labour casualties in the city.

Leader Nicola Sturgeon described the newly-elected SNP politicians as her "magnificent seven".

Natalie McGarry claimed victory over Ms Curran in Glasgow East with a swing of 31%.

In Glasgow South West, Iain Davidson lost his seat to the SNP's Christopher Stephens, while in Glasgow North East a UK-record swing of 39% saw Willie Bain lose to Anne McLaughlin.

Stuart McDonald took Glasgow South from Labour's Tom Harris.

Carol Monaghan won the Glasgow North West constituency, with Labour's John Robertson losing his seat.

The final victory for the SNP in the city came in Glasgow Central where Anas Sarwar, who had succeeded his father Mohammad Sarwar as the Labour MP, lost out to the SNP's Alison Thewliss.

Natalie McGarry, who ousted Ms Curran to become the new MP for Glasgow East, said the SNP had had "a fantastic campaign".

New SNP MP for Glasgow North, Patrick Grady, said: "It is the greatest honour to be the first SNP member of parliament ever elected in Glasgow in a general election."