Election 2015 Scotland

Election results: Mapping Scotland's dramatic change

A total of 50 of Scotland's 59 seats have changed hands in an unprecedented shift to the SNP at the polls.

The party now has 56 MPs while Labour and the Lib Dems have seen their standing slashed to one seat each. The Conservatives retain their single seat.

How Scotland voted

In 2010, Labour had 41 seats, the Lib Dems 11, SNP 6 and the Conservatives just one. Nicola Sturgeon's party has dramatically overturned those figures, taking 40 from Labour and 10 from the Lib Dems.

Labour now holds just Edinburgh South and the Liberal Democrats retain only Orkney & Shetland. The Conservatives keep Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale & Tweeddale.

Parties through time

A change of this magnitude has not been previously seen in Scotland in a single election.

The Conservatives went from being the largest party (by one seat) in 1955 to being electorally wiped out in 1997 but that decline took decades.

Big names voted out

Senior figures to lose their seats to the SNP include Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy and Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander.

  • Danny Alexander, Liberal Democrat, Chief Secretary to the Treasury. MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey since 2005. Drew Hendry has taken the seat with a vote share of 50.1%
  • Douglas Alexander, Labour's election co-ordinator in Scotland and Shadow Foreign Secretary. Lost Paisley & Renfrewshire South to 20-year-old Mhairi Black who becomes Britain's youngest MP since 1667.
  • Former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy. MP for the Highland seat of Ross, Skye & Lochaber since 1983. Ian Blackford has taken the seat with 12.3% majority.
  • Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy. MP for East Renfrewshire since 1997 has seen his 10,420 majority overturned by Kirsten Oswald.
  • Jo Swinson, Liberal Democrat, equalities minister. Won East Dunbartonshire in 2005, becoming the first MP to be born in the 1980s. John Nicolson is the new MP.

Also thrown out by the voters: Anas Sarwar, Scottish Labour's deputy leader; and Liberal Democrat John Thurso, a hereditary peer.

Former prime minister Gordon Brown, former chancellor Alistair Darling, and former Lib Dem leader Menzies Campbell all stood down as MPs at this election. The seats they left have all been won by the SNP.

Gender balance

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Twenty-year-old student Mhairi Black is one of 20 SNP female MPs. The party has increased its proportion of women to more than one third.

Number of women in Parliament rises by a third


As with the independence referendum, turnout was very high across Scotland at 71.1%. Two seats have seen turnout rise above 80%, Dunbartonshire East and Renfrewshire East, both SNP gains from Labour.

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Party strength

The interactive maps below show the share of the vote won by each party regardless of whether they won in that particular constituency.

The closest constituency was Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk which went to a recount. The SNP won by just 328 votes ahead of the Conservatives.

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Massive majorities overturned

The SNP has taken some of the safest constituencies in the UK in terms of 2010 majorities (%).

Below are the five safest Labour seats and one Lib Dem seat to fall:

Labour's safest 2010 seat: Glasgow North East

This was the fifth safest seat in the whole of the UK in 2010 with Labour's Willie Bain commanding a 68.4% vote share and a 54.2% majority.

Anne McLaughlin now enjoys a 24.4% majority, after a UK-record swing of 39%.

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2) Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath

Former prime minister Gordon Brown stood down in this seat rather than defend his majority of 50.2% and 23,009 votes.

The new MP is Roger Mullin who took 52.2% of the vote in after a 34.5% swing from Labour to the SNP. Meanwhile, a 15.9% swing from Conservative to Labour suggests tactical voting by Tory supporters.

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3) Coatbridge, Chryston & Bellshill

Labour's Tom Clarke has lost the Coatbridge constituency he has represented, in its various incarnations, since 1982.

He saw his 20,714 majority overturned by Philip Boswell who won with a 56.6% vote share.

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4) Glasgow South West

Chris Stephens beat the incumbent Labour MP Ian Davidson who was defending a 14,671 majority. All seven Glasgow seats turned from Labour to the SNP.

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5) Rutherglen and Hamilton West

Margaret Ferrier took Labour's fifth safest Scottish seat of Rutherglen and Hamilton West with a share of 52.6% and 30,279 votes.

Tom Greatrex, who won the seat in 2010, saw his support drop from 28,566 to 20,304 votes.

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Lib Dem's second-safest 2010 seat: Ross, Skye and Lochaber

The Liberal Democrats kept their safest seat of Orkney and Shetland but former party leader Charles Kennedy was among the party's 10 casualties.

He saw his 13,070 majority fall to Ian Blackford who now has a 12.3% majority of 5,124.

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