Election 2015 Scotland

Election 2015: Final Scottish leaders' debate round-up

With only a few days to the general election, BBC Scotland hosted the final Scottish leaders' debate of the campaign in Edinburgh. Here are some of the highlights.

The panellists

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Jim Murphy: Scottish Labour leader.

Ruth Davidson: Scottish Conservative leader.

Nicola Sturgeon: SNP leader.

Willie Rennie: Scottish Liberal Democrat leader.

The questions

1. Are parties understating the number of cuts and tax rises required to eliminate the deficit just so they can get into power?

2. How useful are party manifestos for voters in the likely event of a hung parliament?

3. Does the panel agree that proportional representation is now the obvious way to run an election?

4. How will you address the issue of young people being unable to afford to buy their own homes?

The arguments

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Media captionBBC Scotland presenter Glenn Campbell cries "stop" after the debate gets heated

Things kicked off with cuts and tax rises. Willie Rennie said he wanted to balance the books, while Ruth Davidson said you don't balance the books on the backs of the future of our children.

Nicola Sturgeon said she wanted to end austerity and that cuts had held back growth, but she said it would take two to three years extra to pay down debt and the deficit under SNP plans.

Things then got heated on the question of benefit sanctions, with Ms Davidson accusing Jim Murphy of peddling an "outright lie" about people being forced to go to high street money lenders or food banks.

"How dare you call me a liar?" hit back an angry Mr Murphy, insisting that benefit sanctions were affecting tens of thousands of people

Hung parliament

Coalitions, deals and no deals have dominated the past few weeks and Nicola Sturgeon said that the SNP had experience of minority government - needing to build a majority on issue by issue basis

But Mr Murphy said it was becoming clear the SNP could vote with the Tories against a Labour budget.

Ms Sturgeon said that what she was talking about was voting down a budget which proposes more cuts.

Mr Rennie, on negotiations and red lines, pressed Ms Sturgeon on whether the renewal of Trident would take the SNP down the road of calling for a second independence referendum, to which Ms Sturgeon said she wouldn't "produce a list" on what would spark a second referendum and that this election had nothing to do with independence.

Ms Davidson said that what was on display portrayed the "rough wooing" between Labour and the SNP.

Online reaction

David Miller: If @GlennBBC doesn't ride a horse along a Cornish cliff top, my Mum is going to be very disappointed #Poldark

Helen Mckay: 15mins!! Who had money on shouting at 15mins?? #leadersdebate

Galesa: A little less shouting please...#leadersdebate

Peter Swindon Both #SNP and #Labour immediately issue press releases stating that #Sturgeon and #Murphy 'won' #leadersdebate. #noflies #GE2015

Ruth Davidson: I appear to have invented a new constituency this evening. I meant, of course, Ross, Skye & Lochaber. In the pub now.... #leadersdebate

The iPlayer

Don't worry, if you did miss the leaders' debate from Edinburgh, you can check it out in full on the BBC iPlayer.

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