Election 2015

Food for thought: Your general election night menus

We have been asking for your suggestions of food that will get you through election night. Here is our suggestion:

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Image caption The Have Your Say team's proposed election menu

Do you agree? What will you be eating? Will you be holding an election night party? Or will you be doing something to avoid the coverage?

Let us know what you are up to via haveyoursay@bbc.co.uk or Tweet us @BBC_HaveYourSay. Send your pictures and videos to yourpics@bbc.co.uk, text them to 61124 (UK) or +44 7624 800 100 (international) or via WhatsApp +44 (0)7525 900971 or you can upload here. Read the terms and conditions.

Here is a selection of your ideas so far:

Image copyright Colin Smelt
Image caption Colin Smelt sent in his proposed menu for election night

Reverend Irene Tissington wrote that she will be having:

N_ectarine and H_oneydew S_alad

I Agree with Nachos

Long term economic porridge, made with water

S_picy N_oodles with P_eas

Image copyright Easthill Park Cafe
Image caption Easthill Park Cafe in Portslade sent in their election day menu

Habanero's menu will be:

Starter: Green salad

Main: Conservative caviar and Labour lobster

Dessert: Surprise Northern Pavlova (SNP)

Image copyright Steven Pipe
Image caption Steven Pipe was contemplating the Yellow Brick Cafe's election menu in Moreton in Marsh

And here are some of your tweets:

Chefy @KazzyC63: Puds must be a Labour of Love; no need to be Conservative with helpings, be Liberal with the cream!

David Wright @davidw2710: surely dessert is Fudge pudding.

Pat Hanna @PatIrenephanna: Pie in the sky

John Bisby @BisbyJ: Hard Cheese

Mark Brown @MarkWhalesongs: Utter Pilchards - all of them

and Daniel Jenks @danjsafc: English Melton Mowbray and Scottish Haggis Coalition as a main.

Ric Soulby @Sulzerthrash: Greens should always be on the menu, they're good for you!

Heather @heatherindorset reminds us: For a lot of people, what's on the menu depends what's in the local food bank. Shame.

And finally, how about finishing with a coalition of cheese, courtesy of Daniel Williams:

Image copyright Daniel Williams
Image caption Daniel Williams put together a 'Coalition cheeseboard' for his customers

Compiled by Sherie Ryder