Election 2015 #EdBallsDay


They say the internet never forgets. Well four years on from the day Ed Balls accidentally tweeted his own name, the shadow chancellor found himself competing with David Cameron and Ed Miliband for the most mentions on social media, in the midst of a general election campaign.

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Ever since Mr Balls accidentally tweeted his own name four years ago, Twitter users have commemorated the April 28 anniversary by resending the tweet and wishing one another a Happy Ed Balls Day, using #EdBallsDay.

The Texts from Hilary joke even got dragged into the Balls based banter.

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Some masterful photoshopping of Ed himself or simply his name appeared in a selection of famous images...

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and led to Ed turning up in some in unexpected places if Twitter is to believed...

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#EdBallsDay was the top UK trend this morning and had more than 14,000 mentions on Twitter before midday.

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Mr. Balls himself was very quiet on the matter for most of the day and then lo and behold just like last year...

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..if perhaps a little less reluctantly he entered into the fun...

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The general bonhomie on social media continued as people shared images and wished each other a happy #EdBallsDay...

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and continued to celebrate #EdBallsDay in their own way around the country.

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And the fun didn't end there. It's not just the voting public getting on the Ed Balls bandwagon...

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Even the Lib Dems took the opportunity to poke fun at the shadow chancellor on Twitter...

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And the BBC's own online election coverage was given a makeover too.

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Written by Kerry Alexandra

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