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Election 2015: Clegg family write anonymous food blog

Miriam Gonzalez Durantez on the campaign trail in Cardiff Image copyright PA
Image caption Miriam Gonzalez Durantez joined the campaign trail in Cardiff last week

Miriam Gonzalez Durantez, wife of Nick Clegg, has revealed that she and their three boys have been writing an anonymous cookery blog for three years.

In mumandsons.com, the family share recipes including shrimp tortillas, milk buns and lemon posset, apparently without Lib Dem advisers knowing.

The admission made in an online chat with members of Mumsnet, was likely to get her into trouble, she wrote.

"When my husband's advisers learn this they are going to freak out!"

During the campaign so far, Ms Gonzalez Durantez, an international lawyer and campaigner, has lent her support to female Lib Dem candidates.

And since the online chat her blog now begins with a message about the Inspiring Women Campaign.

Image copyright Mumsandsons.com

In the online chat, she was asked for tips on looking after herself when juggling so much.

"I try my best to take care of myself. And yes, I think women sometimes 'forget' about themselves," she wrote.

"I try to run a couple of times a week and I am careful at what I eat. I like cooking a lot and make the point of teaching my children to cook as well.

"I actually have a cooking blog with my children that I have been running with them for the last three years (when my husband's advisers learn this they are going to freak out!)."

The blog, which has had 46,000 page views in total, does not feature any pictures of the Cleggs in the kitchen - just plates of food.

George Clooney

Under a picture of some oven gloves, Ms Gonzalez Durantez explains that her two eldest boys challenged her to start a cooking blog with simple recipes they could cook together - and her youngest son had now joined in.

She says she hopes they all pick up some cooking and photography skills, or "at least learn to design and run a blog".

During the online chat, she was also asked by a career-minded mother for tips on handling negative reactions to her choices.

"Do what works for you," she wrote. "Nobody else gives explanations to you about how they run their lives, so why should you give explanations to anybody else about how you run yours?

"I spent years trying to justify my decisions to others - but now I am 46, so I know better!"

Another mother asked whether she had watched Channel 4's Coalition, a TV drama charting her husband's rise to power in 2010.

"I only watched the end... and still think George Clooney would have been a so much better fictional husband."

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