Election 2015

Election 2015: "Misstakes and mispellings"

Getting a campaign poster right can be a tricky thing. The tone, the style, the imagery... the spelling...

It seems up and down the country voters are being bombarded with a bewildering array of misspelt, error ridden and entirely incorrect campaign posters, leaflets and literature in the somewhat dubious hope of winning their vote.

The Lib Dems have offered the electorate the below examples of their attention to detail. The latter, where they tried to make Labour look bad for breaking the 'ecconomy' fails the spell check...

Image copyright Goose / Ste Curran

On the other hand it seems there's no 'guarantree' that Labour can do any better.

Image copyright David McNay

UKIP have also raised some eyebrows with their campaign literature simultaneously suggesting not building any more wind farms and investing in sustainable energy, work that one out...

Image copyright Vince

Another piece of UKIP election literature was widely commented on last week after being marked by an English teacher.

Image copyright BBC Somerset

Not to be left out, there's a poster from the Conservative Party showing just how much 'comminity' matters to them and offering the surprised residents of Dudley their thoughts on improving transport and tourism in North Devon.

Image copyright Ian Austen / Daniel Wainright

And finally, Twitter user @willnich points out that his local Conservative candidate is so eager to garner support that he forgot to alter the leaflet template. A vote for Name Surname is a vote for Britain!

Image copyright Twitter

Written by Kerry Alexandra

And sent in by you.

Xander in Inverness, points out Conservative candidate Edward Mountain is making it difficult to get in touch.

Image copyright Xander Burgess

Apparently, there was a similar place-holder oversight in the literature for Labour candidate Chaz Singh's campaign in South West Devon, as tweeted by Susan.

Image copyright @Straille

And Nick M Duffy tweeted to point out the SNP manifesto has pledged (on page 19) to "promote the rights of LGBTI people throughout the word".

Emma Lance has several questions regarding her UKIP flyer, such as the lack of apostrophe, the word 'shool', and possibly the phrase 'breathing heart'.

Image copyright Emma Lance

Saira Bloomfield, an English GCSE examiner, says the leaflet on behalf of Paul Beresford, Conservative candidate for Mole Valley, "would have failed to achieve a C for the literacy component".

Image copyright Saira Bloomfield

However, as many of you are keen to point out, the BBC is not above the odd typo during this election. John Branston, in Bath, spotted this alternative spelling of deficit on the backdrop of Newsnight.

Image copyright John Branston

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