Election 2015

Hung Parliament game rules

The hung Parliament game does not aim to predict the result of the election.

A new result is generated at random every time you click the 'Get a result' button and every player receives a different result every time they play.

The results within the game are limited to return a hung parliament and each represents just one of thousands of possibilities.

The basic rules:

  • Each party has been assigned a seat range with an upper and lower limit. Every time a result is generated the parties are assigned a random number of seats from within their range
  • The seat ranges have been set with reference to seat predictions from a variety of sources and then further adjusted by BBC election experts to balance the game
  • There is an equal chance of getting a result with Labour or the Conservatives as the largest party. Because each result is randomised there will be short streaks of one party repeatedly receiving the most seats, but over time it will even out
  • To avoid making predictions for individual constituencies, any party with one seat in the previous parliament will keep their seat. Current single-seat parties with a chance of winning more seats at this election will be given a random result and could receive more than one

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