Election 2015

Cameron's awkward school photo op

David Cameron helps with a reading lesson at the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School in Westhoughton near Bolton where he met pupils - 8 April 2015 Image copyright PA
Image caption Six-year-old Lucy Howarth reacts as David Cameron reads a book to her and her classmates

When David Cameron visited a school to announce Conservative plans to force resits on children who fail their Sats tests, it was a six-year-old who stole the show.

Lucy Howarth was momentarily overcome as the Tory leader read a book to her and her classmates, and a photograph of the young girl with her head on the desk quickly went viral on social media.

Here are a few of the best responses:

Guardian journalist Simon Ricketts wondered whether Lucy, from Sacred Heart RC Primary in Westhoughton, near Bolton, had heard one of the Tories' election slogans one too many times:

Toby Young, a columnist for the Spectator, thought her reaction might have been provoked by Labour's latest policy:

John Dougherty, a children's writer, said Mr Cameron might have been explaining the Tories' election manifesto:

Meanwhile, cartoonist David McAndrews suggested the prime minister may have been revealing the extent of the UK's financial difficulties to Lucy:

The image, captured by photographer Stefan Rousseau, left much to the imagination but a video of the moment cleared up any doubt - Lucy was dejected after failing to master the name of the prince in Robert Munsch's The Paper Bag Princess.

Mr Cameron shouldn't feel alone though - his Australian counterpart, Tony Abbott, experienced exactly the same awkward moment last year:

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