Exam board's comedy of errors over Shakespearean names

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Hell hath no fury like a teenager scorned.

No, that quote is not from Shakespeare but neither was the exam question about Romeo and Juliet that GCSE English Literature students were asked to answer on Friday morning.

Teenagers sitting the OCR board exam today turned to a question worth a significant number of marks only to see a glaring error.

"How does Shakespeare present the ways in which Tybalt's hatred of the Capulets influences the outcome of the play?" it asked.

The only problem is the question named the wrong family. Tybalt hates the Montagues and is in fact a Capulet himself.

After the exam students swiftly took to social media and they did not hold back.

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One user @_ellawg_ fumed: "How do OCR expect us to learn 15 poems, one novel and two plays if they don't even know that Tybalt's a Capulet."

Others took the question and ran with it.

"OCR made Tybalt seem like the emo child who hates his family", mused @gvmbits.

But full marks has to go to @RCarpenter146 for fighting fire with fire.

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Others had damning feedback for the exam board.

"You're testing us on our ability to use language correctly but couldn't even ask us the right question," pointed out Poppy Tatam.

The board has since apologised about the error and said no candidates would lose out, however, head teachers said the error was "serious".

But we can always rely on young people to suggest a practical solution to a problem.

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By Georgina Rannard, UGC and Social News

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