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Tony Blair's son working in apprenticeships

The Blair family on the steps of 10 Downing Street Image copyright PA
Image caption Leaving Downing Street a decade ago, now Euan Blair (left) is promoting apprenticeships

The push for more young people to take up apprenticeships is being backed by one of Tony Blair's sons.

Euan Blair is pursuing a career in promoting apprenticeships, rather than working in politics.

In an interview with The TES magazine, he talks of founding a business which matches students with firms offering apprenticeships.

He gave up working in investment banking, saying he preferred to work in a "more socially motivated" career.

The government has been encouraging more young people to consider apprenticeships as an alternative to university - and is introducing a levy on employers to fund more apprentices.

The 32-year-old son of the former prime minister has decided to become part of this drive to raise the profile and reputation of apprenticeships.

His firm will connect young people with strong exam grades with apprenticeships in areas such as law, accounting and IT.

"This is going to be a battle. Because the fact is the brand of apprenticeships isn't where it needs to be; be it with schools, be it with employers, be it with parents. You can't change that overnight," he told The TES, in an article published on Friday.

"We want a situation where smart kids, who could go to Oxbridge or Russell Group universities, have to make a difficult decision: 'Do I go down that route, or do I join this incredible apprenticeship scheme at a top UK corporate or really exciting tech start-up?'"