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Five of this week's family stories you may have missed

The newly born son of Moaza Al Matrooshi Image copyright FERGUS WALSH
Image caption "Miracle" baby born after mother's fertility restored by doctors

Here is another chance to catch up on five of the best family and parenting stories from this week.

1. A young mother had a "miracle" baby

Moaza Al Matrooshi, aged 24, gave birth in London after doctors restored her fertility using frozen ovarian tissue removed when she was a young child.

2. You can now make babies from three people

An advanced form of IVF using a donor egg as well as the mother's egg and father's sperm has been approved by the UK's fertility regulator. It is to prevent children being born with deadly genetic diseases.

3. How would you know if your child was being groomed online?

BBC Radio 5 live spoke to a father whose 13-year-old son was groomed online and sexually abused. He explains how difficult it was to spot there was a problem until it was too late. He is warning other parents to monitor carefully what their children get up to online, and to "accept it can happen". The charity Barnardo's says 297 children out of the 702 it supported in the last six months had been groomed online.

4. Should we celebrate dyslexia in children?

The award winning children's novelist Sally Gardner believes we should. She told BBC Radio 4's Today programme she "thinks in pictures" and that "there isn't one way to decode language".

5. How to cook Christmas dinner for £1

The cost of Christmas dinner is at a four year high, with an average dinner and drinks now coming in at £10.71 per person. We spoke to family food bloggers and chefs to find their tips for bringing down the price as low as possible.

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