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'I rang 999 for mummy' - child lifesavers of 2016

Suzy McCash
Image caption Suzie, aged four, wants to be a paramedic when she grows up

What would you do if you fell seriously ill or had an accident without another adult in sight to help? With any luck, you'd have a mini hero to hand.

Here are some who have been in the news in 2016.

'Her eyes are shut'

When Rowena McCash suffered a severe reaction at home in Tynemouth, her four-year-old daughter Suzie called 999 and told the emergency services that her mother's eyes were closed and she could not talk.

Northumbria Police released a recording of the call and said Suzie almost certainly saved her mother's life.

When the paramedics arrived Suzie gave what they described as a "professional handover".

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Media captionA little girl's 999 call that saved her mum's life

'I only rang 999'

Six-year-old Lilly-Mae calmly called the emergency services when her mum Portia David lost consciousness following an epileptic fit at home in Derby.

"She was so brave. I thought she'd crumble. She's wise beyond her age," Miss David told the BBC.

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Media captionGirl, six, calls 999 after mum collapses

East Midlands Ambulance Service were so impressed they presented Lilly-Mae with an award for her bravery. EMAS said she was the first child in Derby to receive their Laverick Award.

Miss David, who is campaigning to bring an element of lifesaving into the school curriculum, said Lilly-Mae cried when she received her award but was also so happy.

And Lilly-Mae's response to being called brave? "I only rang 999 mummy."

Would you know what to do if someone had an epileptic seizure? Epilepsy Action provides advice and information.

'Mummy's poorly'

When Kay Solly passed out at home, her daughter Isabelle called for an ambulance on Kay's phone.

She managed to stay on the line and talk to the operator until her mum regained consciousness.

Paramedic Matt Cooper praised Isabelle for staying calm and keeping contact on the phone. Fortunately, Kay made a full recovery.

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Media captionThe 999 call made by three-year-old Isabelle

'I'm scared'

Another lucky mum, Patricia Hannington, was saved by her three-year-old daughter Sofia, who dialled 999 when she collapsed on the floor.

When Sofia told the emergency services that she was scared, call handler Julie Buckley managed to keep her talking until an adult arrived.

Her story has spread across social media and been translated into many languages, including Indonesian, Tamil and Danish.

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Media captionClacton three-year-old girl praised for lifesaving 999 call

'I focused on getting the job done'

With no time to waste, eight-year-old Marcus Caffery stepped in to help his mother Jodie, who went into labour at their home in Wolverhampton.

Marcus was left in charge of his mother whilst his father went outside to flag down the ambulance. He helped to deliver his sister Freya, aided by an emergency services operator.

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Media captionEight-year-old boy delivers newborn sister

If you have a lifesaving story you would like to share, we would love to hear from you.

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Compiled by Sherie Ryder, BBC News UGC and Social Media team

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