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Back to school: Your photos and memories

We asked you to share pictures of your children getting ready for school. Some of you got in on the act by sending us your own old school photos and memories.

Here is a selection:

Image copyright Melanie

Morgan's mother sent us this picture, showing her getting ready for her first day at school. She started school in south Wales on Wednesday.

Image copyright Kirsty

Kirsty found an old photo and shared it with us. She attended her new school in the Isle of Wight in 1993. Twenty-two years later, she went back to school for the first time - this time as a newly qualified primary school teacher.

Image copyright Kiddicone

Charlotte McElvaney sent three pictures of three different generations celebrating a German tradition for marking a child's first day at school. Charlotte's father (on the right) and his classmates are holding "schultuten" (school cones) outside their primary school in September 1961. The cones are full of sweets and other treats.

Image copyright Kiddicone

A young Charlotte (on the left) and her schoolmates holding their school cones before going to school for the first time. She remembered "feeling like the most special girl in the world".

Image copyright Kiddicone

Three generations on, Charlotte is keen to continue her family traditions. Her son was given his own school cone. He is due to start school in Nottingham.

Image copyright Sampada

Siya's mother took this picture as she was ready to leave her home to go to her new school in Kent.

Image copyright Lesley

Liam is looking forward to the new school year. According to his mother, he's ready to move up a year to Year 3.

Image copyright Anindita Sarkar

Anindita was just three when this photo was taken. She went to a preparatory school in Ilford, north-east London. She has fond memories of her old "free spirited" teachers and their "eccentric ways".

Image copyright Sarah

Sarah from Luton shared this picture of her sons. For her youngest son (in the red jumper), it was his first day at his new school. It was back to school for his big brothers.

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