Secondary league tables: Best A/AS level results 2012


This table lists the 200 schools in England with the highest attainment at A-level, AS-level and other Key Stage 5 (16-18) qualifications.

Pupils are awarded points for each qualification gained and the schools are ranked on the average number of points per pupil.

Schools marked IND are independent, those marked SEL select their pupils on the basis of academic activity. Schools marked AC are academies. Schools with fewer than 10 pupils are not included.

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School name Local authority What does this mean? A/AS points per pupil
Colchester Royal Grammar School (FD, SEL) Essex 1434
King's College School (IND) Merton 1349
Sevenoaks School (IND) Kent 1335.6
Adcote School for Girls (IND) Shropshire 1318.5
King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford (ACC, SEL) Essex 1307.6
Pate's Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Gloucestershire 1255.6
Altrincham Grammar School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Trafford 1253.9
The Lady Eleanor Holles School (IND) Richmond upon Thames 1247.8
King Edward VI High School for Girls (IND) Birmingham 1246.6
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys (ACC, SEL) Birmingham 1239.9
Invicta Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Kent 1233
Colyton Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Devon 1230.4
Hockerill Anglo-European College (ACC) Hertfordshire 1229.9
King Edward's School (IND) Birmingham 1228.2
The Tiffin Girls' School (ACC, SEL) Kingston upon Thames 1210.9
Chelmsford County High School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Essex 1202.9
Withington Girls' School (IND) Manchester 1196.3
Heckmondwike Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Kirklees 1195.1
St Clare's, Oxford (IND) Oxfordshire 1190.4
Colchester County High School for Girls (FD, SEL) Essex 1183.4
Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet (ACC, SEL) Barnet 1181.2
Wycombe Abbey School (IND) Buckinghamshire 1179.1
King Edward VI Handsworth School (ACC, SEL) Birmingham 1173.3
North London Collegiate School (IND) Harrow 1172
Wolverhampton Girls' High School (FD, SEL) Wolverhampton 1169.5
Tiffin School (ACC, SEL) Kingston upon Thames 1167.5
Dartford Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Kent 1167.3
Queen Mary's Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Walsall 1166.6
Dr Challoner's Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Buckinghamshire 1166.4
The Blue Coat CofE School (ACC) Oldham 1163.7
Loughborough High School (IND) Leicestershire 1163.4
Hampton School (IND) Richmond upon Thames 1154.9
Derby High School (IND) Derby 1154.1
The Stephen Perse Foundation (IND) Cambridgeshire 1151.2
St Olave's and St Saviour's Grammar School (VA, SEL) Bromley 1147.6
Lancaster Girls' Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Lancashire 1142.9
Nottingham High School (IND) Nottingham 1142.7
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Birmingham 1141.2
Concord College (IND) Shropshire 1140.7
The Blue Coat School (VA, SEL) Liverpool 1134.4
Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School (FD, SEL) Lancashire 1133.4
St Swithun's School (IND) Hampshire 1128.8
Chase Academy (IND) Staffordshire 1128.8
Altrincham Grammar School for Boys (ACC, SEL) Trafford 1127.6
Wilson's School (ACC, SEL) Sutton 1126.7
Nonsuch High School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Sutton 1126.4
The Cheltenham Ladies' College (IND) Gloucestershire 1124.9
Westminster School (IND) Westminster 1124.4
Queen Elizabeth Grammar School (IND) Wakefield 1119.7
Norwich High School for Girls GDST (IND) Norfolk 1119.2
Malvern College (IND) Worcestershire 1118.5
St Paul's School (IND) Richmond upon Thames 1115.2
Stratford-Upon-Avon Grammar School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Warwickshire 1111.2
The Godolphin and Latymer School (IND) Hammersmith and Fulham 1110.6
Lancaster Royal Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Lancashire 1110.1
Oxford High School GDST (IND) Oxfordshire 1108.9
Yarm School (IND) Stockton-on-Tees 1108.8
Wakefield Girls' High School (IND) Wakefield 1105
St Michael's Catholic Grammar School (VA, SEL) Barnet 1102.9
The Judd School (VA, SEL) Kent 1102.5
Southend High School for Boys (ACC, SEL) Southend-on-Sea 1101.9
Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Birmingham 1100.3
Barton Court Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Kent 1100.1
Hymers College (IND) Kingston Upon Hull, City of 1099.1
Ermysted's Grammar School (VA, SEL) North Yorkshire 1097.6
King Edward VI Five Ways School (ACC, SEL) Birmingham 1094.9
St Catherine's School (IND) Surrey 1094.8
Dover Grammar School for Girls (CY, SEL) Kent 1094
Magdalen College School (IND) Oxfordshire 1092.3
Queen Ethelburga's College (IND) North Yorkshire 1091.8
Cardinal Newman College (Sixth Form College) Lancashire 1091.7
St Benedict's Catholic School (VA) Suffolk 1091.5
Southend High School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Southend-on-Sea 1090.6
Scarborough College (IND) North Yorkshire 1090.3
Westcliff High School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Southend-on-Sea 1089.8
Wolverhampton Grammar School (IND) Wolverhampton 1088.2
The Henrietta Barnett School (VA, SEL) Barnet 1087
James Allen's Girls' School (IND) Southwark 1084.6
Wirral Grammar School for Boys (ACC, SEL) Wirral 1084
The Grange School (IND) Cheshire West and Chester 1081.5
Sir Roger Manwood's School (ACC, SEL) Kent 1081.1
Headington School (IND) Oxfordshire 1079.8
Tonbridge Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Kent 1076.7
Devonport High School for Boys (ACC, SEL) Plymouth 1074.2
St Albans School (IND) Hertfordshire 1072.7
Downe House (IND) West Berkshire 1071.5
St Paul's Girls' School (IND) Hammersmith and Fulham 1071.3
The Royal School (IND) Surrey 1071
City of London School for Girls (IND) City of London 1069.9
Caistor Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Lincolnshire 1069.8
The King's (the Cathedral) School (ACC) Peterborough 1066.3
Bishop Vesey's Grammar School (VA, SEL) Birmingham 1066
West Kirby Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Wirral 1064.9
King Edward VI College Stourbridge (Sixth Form College) Dudley 1063.9
Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle (IND) Kensington and Chelsea 1063.1
Kendrick School (ACC, SEL) Reading 1062.3
King Edward's School (IND) Surrey 1061.7
Winstanley College (Sixth Form College) Wigan 1059.2
Radley College (IND) Oxfordshire 1056.5
Harrow School (IND) Harrow 1056.5
Newport Girls' High School (ACC, SEL) Telford and Wrekin 1056.5
Wirral Grammar School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Wirral 1054.5
Reading School (ACC, SEL) Reading 1054.3
Bootham School (IND) York 1051
Carmel RC College (VA) Darlington 1050.8
Casterton School (IND) Cumbria 1045.1
Highsted Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Kent 1045.1
Clitheroe Royal Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Lancashire 1044.9
Sir William Perkins's School (IND) Surrey 1044.3
Loughborough Grammar School (IND) Leicestershire 1044.2
South Hampstead High School (IND) Camden 1044
The Crossley Heath School (FD, SEL) Calderdale 1044
High School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Gloucestershire 1042.6
King Edward VI Aston School (ACC, SEL) Birmingham 1041.6
Latymer Upper School (IND) Hammersmith and Fulham 1041.3
Sacred Heart of Mary Girls' School (ACC) Havering 1040.5
Bellerbys College (IND) Brighton and Hove 1040.3
The Queen Elizabeth's High School, Gainsborough (CY, SEL) Lincolnshire 1040
Tonbridge School (IND) Kent 1038.3
Greenhead College (Sixth Form College) Kirklees 1038.1
Sir Thomas Rich's School (ACC, SEL) Gloucestershire 1037.8
The Rochester Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Medway 1037.8
The Becket School (ACC) Nottinghamshire 1036.9
Ilford County High School (CY, SEL) Redbridge 1036.4
Merchant Taylors' School (IND) Hertfordshire 1035.6
Sir John Lawes School (ACC) Hertfordshire 1034.5
Thetford Grammar School (IND) Norfolk 1032.6
St Mary's Catholic College (VA) Blackpool 1030.6
The Sixth Form College Farnborough (Sixth Form College) Hampshire 1030.3
The Perse School (IND) Cambridgeshire 1030.1
Badminton School (IND) Bristol, City of 1027.3
Skipton Girls' High School (ACC, SEL) North Yorkshire 1026.9
Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys (FD, SEL) Kent 1025.9
Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Buckinghamshire 1025.8
Sale Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Trafford 1024.8
Queen Elizabeth Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Cumbria 1024.5
Birkdale School (IND) Sheffield 1024.1
Kesteven and Sleaford High School (CY, SEL) Lincolnshire 1023.9
St Bernard's Catholic Grammar School (VA, SEL) Slough 1022.6
Guildford High School (IND) Surrey 1021.5
Manchester High School for Girls (IND) Manchester 1021.3
St Mary Magdalene Academy (AC) Islington 1021.2
Devonport High School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Plymouth 1020.8
Derby Grammar School (IND) Derby 1020.2
Brighton College (IND) Brighton and Hove 1019.8
Torquay Girls Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Torbay 1019.7
Fort Pitt Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Medway 1018.9
Westcliff High School for Boys Academy (ACC, SEL) Southend-on-Sea 1018.4
Fulford School (CY) York 1018.3
Dartford Grammar School for Girls (FD, SEL) Kent 1018
Bancrofts School (IND) Redbridge 1017.9
The Queen's School (IND) Cheshire West and Chester 1017.4
City of London School (IND) City of London 1016.5
St Mary's School (IND) Cambridgeshire 1015.8
Abingdon School (IND) Oxfordshire 1015.3
Whitgift School (IND) Croydon 1014.8
Dover College (IND) Kent 1013.7
Westholme School (IND) Blackburn with Darwen 1013.6
Bolton School Girls' Division (IND) Bolton 1013.2
Warwick School (IND) Warwickshire 1012.8
Canon Slade CofE School (VA) Bolton 1011.1
City of London Freemen's School (IND) Surrey 1010.8
Sutton Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Sutton 1010.2
Aylesbury Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Buckinghamshire 1010.2
Ripon Grammar School (CY, SEL) North Yorkshire 1009.4
Kesteven and Grantham Girls' School (CY, SEL) Lincolnshire 1009
Friesland School (FD) Derbyshire 1008.8
Poole Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Poole 1008.4
Ashford School (IND) Kent 1007.1
South Wilts Grammar School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Wiltshire 1006.9
St Mary's School Ascot (IND) Windsor and Maidenhead 1006.8
The King's School, Grantham (ACC, SEL) Lincolnshire 1006.5
The Abbey School Reading (IND) Reading 1006
The Portsmouth Grammar School (IND) Portsmouth 1004.5
Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys (CY, SEL) Kent 1004.3
Wallington High School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Sutton 1003.5
The Manchester Grammar School (IND) Manchester 1003.2
Roedean School (IND) Brighton and Hove 1002.3
Urmston Grammar Academy (ACC, SEL) Trafford 1002.1
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School (ACC) Derbyshire 1002
St Francis College (IND) Hertfordshire 1001.8
Rainham Mark Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Medway 1000.4
Malvern St James (IND) Worcestershire 1000.3
Leicester Grammar School Trust (IND) Leicestershire 1000.2
Bury Grammar School Girls (IND) Bury 999.7
Royal Grammar School (IND) Surrey 999
Queen's Gate School (IND) Kensington and Chelsea 998.2
Bolton School Boys' Division (IND) Bolton 995.9
Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School (IND) Hertfordshire 993.9
St Mary's Convent School (IND) Worcestershire 992.8
Wimbledon High School (IND) Merton 992.7
Eton College (IND) Windsor and Maidenhead 992.5
Borden Grammar School (FD, SEL) Kent 991.8
Stretford Grammar School (FD, SEL) Trafford 991.4
Abbey College Cambridge (IND) Cambridgeshire 990.1
Channing School (IND) Haringey 989.3
Peter Symonds College (Sixth Form College) Hampshire 989
Aylesbury High School (ACC, SEL) Buckinghamshire 988.5
Spalding High School (CY, SEL) Lincolnshire 986.9
The West Bridgford School (ACC) Nottinghamshire 986.1
What do the table headers mean?
Number of students on roll
This shows the number of pupils attending the institution
A/AS points per pupil
The average number of points netted per pupil at the institution taking AS/A-level or equivalent qualifications
A/AS level points per entry
This is the average number of points achieved per A/AS Level per entry

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