Last tango in Llandudno

Nick Servini and Carwyn Jones
Image caption Nick and Carwyn Jones after the first minister's speech to the conference

The sun is shining so where better place to post my final blog as political editor than in Llandudno.

And there was an end to an era feel to events here when Carwyn Jones addressed the annual conference of the Wales TUC for the final time before he stands down in December.

He was returning to the scene where six weeks ago he stunned the audience at the Welsh Labour conference by announcing his departure.

Since then he has looked increasingly relaxed but I am not sure that was shared by the union leaders in the audience who potentially face being overwhelmed by the tidal wave of support for one-member-one-vote to elect the new leader.

They fear this waters down their influence.

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Positioning Plaid for power

Andrew RT Davies and Leanne Wood
Image caption Does Leanne Wood need to move Plaid Cymru closer to the worldview of Tories like Andrew RT Davies?

In a guest blog, Aled ap Dafydd relays talk within Plaid Cymru circles about the need to keep an equal distance from Labour and the Conservatives.

As the renowned home of the International Eisteddfod, they call Llangollen the town where Wales welcomes the world. When Plaid Cymru met there in March for their spring conference there were no singers and dancers greeting Leanne Wood.

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NHS waits and robust debate at assembly

Image copyright PA

The Health Secretary Vaughan Gething has repeated his claim that the market-driven focus of the English NHS produces perverse incentives.

He was responding to the latest report from the Board of Community Health Councils on the impact of waiting times on people's lives.

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The long goodbye of Carwyn Jones

Image caption Carwyn Jones revealed his departure plans at the Welsh Labour conference

So Carwyn Jones's long goodbye is underway.

The Plaid AM Dai Lloyd gave it that tag when he complained about the length of time the transition is due to take.

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Early Labour leadership contest stalemate

Image copyright Thinkstock
Image caption Are Labour politicians thinking three moves ahead?

There appears to be a stalemate in the early manoeuvres leading to the Labour leadership contest.

The key statistic to remember is that candidates need the support of five other AMs, as well as themselves, in order to stand.

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Welsh Labour leadership: the latest

I start many of my broadcasts from Cardiff Bay at the moment talking about the intense levels of whatsapp activity behind the scenes between Labour AMs.

That is not in doubt but there have also been plenty of elephant-in-the-room conversations at the assembly about anything but the forthcoming leadership contest.

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Sargeant shadow over conference

Image copyright BBC/Getty Images
Image caption An inquiry has yet to begin into the sacking of Carl Sargeant by Carwyn Jones

There are many questions about the inquiries into the death of Carl Sargeant that have been nagging away at the back of people's minds. Probably the main one is why the main QC-led inquiry has not actually started yet?

I recall speculation late last year about whether they would all be finished by the time Labour party members gathered in Llandudno in the spring for the annual Welsh conference.

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Making sense with a year to go

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Theresa May met textile workers in Ayr, Scotland, as she began a whistle-stop tour of the UK

You will not hear anything new about the Brexit process but with exactly a year to go, this is a big day in the calendar to give a platform for politicians to choose the areas they want to highlight - and for the rest of us to try to make sense of it all.

Let's start with Theresa May. The prime minister could have done all sorts of things today- she could have gone to a bank in central London to reassure the cash cow that is the UK's financial services sector or gone to a West Midlands factory to talk up prospects in the industrial heartland.

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Centre ground or socialism?

Jonathan Edwards Image copyright House of Commons
Image caption Jonathan Edwards says he is offering a bit of "friendly advice" to his leader on where to position the party

Centre ground or socialism?

Those definitions will be considered crude by many but in a nutshell they encapsulate the debate currently underway in Plaid Cymru.

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Good cop bad cop for councils

We have had the good cop bad cop combination: enter the middle-ground cop.

Okay it doesn't have the same ring to it but that is how the current Local Government Secretary Alun Davies is portraying himself with the latest proposals for re-organisation.

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