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  1. Nigeria 'too fragile for a second wave' of Covid-19

    Chi Chi Izundu

    BBC News, Lagos

    Nigeria's President, Muhammadu Buhari, has said the country must do all it can to “avert a second wave of Covid-19”.

    In a tweet, he said he did not want the number of people contracting the virus in Nigeria to increase again, because the “economy is too fragile to bear another round of lockdown”.

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    Parts of Nigeria were placed under in lockdown for around five weeks during its first wave of the pandemic earlier this year.

    The president's comments come as a number of warehouses storing Covid-19 relief packages have been raided across different states in Nigeria.

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    Video caption: Covid: 'Stopping to talk to others helps spread infection'

    A rise in coronavirus cases in Wales is mostly down to people chatting with others, Public Health Wales says.

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    Video caption: Coronavirus hardship in Mexico, Nigeria and Bangladesh

    Three people from around the world who lost their jobs during the pandemic explain how it has affected their lives.

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    Video caption: Concerns were raised about a surge in infections and the economic impact on the region.