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  1. Car industry faces tariffs over Japanese and Turkish car parts

    Britain's car industry risks losing out even if there is a post-Brexit trade deal with the EU, according to documents seen by the BBC.

    Car parts from Japan and Turkey used in the UK will not be treated as British, so some exports may see higher tariffs.

    In a letter, Britain's chief Brexit negotiator says the UK has failed so far to get the car parts deal it wants, and "obviously cannot insist on it".

    Nissan, the Japanese company with 7,000 UK workers and a large factory in Sunderland, urged UK and EU "negotiators to work collaboratively towards an orderly balanced Brexit that will continue to encourage mutually beneficial trade".

    Lord Frost (left) and EU negotiator Michel Barnier
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    Video caption: 'Mythical' Aston Martin Bulldog supercar being restored

    Only one Bulldog was ever built but it was sold by the company 40 years ago to raise cash.

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    Video caption: Renting luxury cars in South Africa

    Renting luxury cars was one of the new trends in South Africa prior to the pandemic.