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    Video caption: Barcelona tackles roaming wild boar problem

    Pop star Shakira is just one of the city's residents to have had problems with the animals.

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    Video caption: One smart idea to reduce wood waste in construction

    A new system is being launched to allow builders to reuse wooden pallets multiple times.

  3. I Love This Dirty Town

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    Video caption: Margaret Drabble investigates the problems of town planning and traffic. (1969)

    First transmitted in 1969, this personal plea from Margaret Drabble is a lament for the death of the city as planners create endless suburbia instead of cities fit to live in.

  4. What will it take for cities to go carbon neutral?

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    Video caption: Cities emit a lot of greenhouse gasses, but many have plans to make drastic reductions

    Cities around the world have set ambitious targets to reduce emissions, or go carbon neutral. But as they require so much energy, can they achieve those goals?

  5. The Zoomshock Metropolis

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    Video caption: How remote working and online shopping could reshape our towns and cities.

    Remote working and online shopping have left towns and cities facing an existential crisis. But can we seize this moment as an opportunity to reinvent them?

  6. Sacred Cows and Sushi Rolls

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    Video caption: John Connell reflects on how the pandemic is breaking the spell of cities.

    John Connell on how the pandemic is beginning to change the face of rural communities.

  7. The Death of the City?

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    Video caption: Engaging live debate examining the moral issues behind one of the week's news stories.

    Combative, provocative and engaging live debate chaired by Michael Buerk. With Melanie Philips, Giles Fraser, Tim Stanley and Mona Siddiqui. #moralmaze