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    Video caption: David Cannadine tells the story behind the buzzword Disruptors.

    David Cannadine tells the story behind the buzzword Disruptors, which is actually an abbreviation of the original phrase Disruptive Technologies.

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    Video caption: 3D printing: 'You can make any product in any location'

    A US tech firm is using 3D printing to mass produce metal parts more quickly than ever before.

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    Video caption: Is this house really zombie-proof?

    This house is so well insulated it only needs solar power to heat it, and can even hide you from zombies.

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    Video caption: The diggers guided by satellites and drones

    Moving earth is messy - but new technology means we can dig with an accuracy of a few centimetres.

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    Video caption: If a house was designed by machine, how would it look?

    This house was designed using algorithms and machines. They chose complex, organic-looking forms.