Aldi biscuits may have been contaminated by pests

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Image caption Some of the affected products were sold in Aldi stores

A number of biscuits and snacks sold in the supermarket chain Aldi may have been contaminated by pests, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has warned.

Customers are being urged not to eat the affected products, made in a factory on Teesside.

The biscuits, including cheese thins, shortbread, chip cookies and fudge brownies, were made by a company called Baketime, based in Middlesbrough.

"There has been no evidence of any contamination", it said.

But Baketime confirmed it had seen "evidence of pest activity" in January and again in March.

"We continue to work closely with our local environmental health officer and pest control contractor to ensure that the issue has been properly eradicated and hygienic standards on site are upheld," the company said in a statement.

Baketime, based at South Tees Imperial Food Park, said it was recalling all the biscuits and snacks as a precautionary measure. In the meantime they were being taken off sale.

The products are sold in Aldi and in small convenience stores around the UK.

Image caption Aldi have advised customers not to eat these biscuits

The FSA said the biscuits and snacks had been manufactured in "unhygienic conditions", and that it was investigating further.

The affected products are:

Aldi Cheese Thins (10% Cheese) - L16026, L16027, L16055, L16056, L16057, L16073, L16074, L16075

Aldi Cheese Bakes - L16026, L16027, L16032, L16033, L16039, L16040, L16046, L16047, L16053, L16366, L16060, L16066, L16067, L16073

Aldi Oddbites Cheese - L16060

Aldi Oddbites Salt and Vinegar - L16061

Aldi Oddbites Smoky Bacon - L16061

Aldi Ginger Nuts - L16047, L16048, L16061, L16062, L16068, L16069

Bestway Mini All Butter Shortbread L16034

Bestway Mini Brownies L16035

Bestway Mini Cheese Thins L16032, L16033

Bestway Mini Choc Chip Cookies L16035

Happy Shopper Cheese Thins L16026, L16027, L16032, L16053, L16366, L16060, L16066

Happy Shopper Fudge Brownies L16041

Happy Shopper Choc Chip Cookies L16041‚Äč

LBV Potato Bakes Korma L16034

LBV Potato Bakes Mild Thai L16034

LBV Strawberry and Vanilla Biscotti L16027

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