Readers remember Kate Bush's 1979 tour

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image captionMemorabilia from the Kate Bush tour in 1979, courtesy of Ian Kirkpatrick

Kate Bush has announced that she will play a series of concert dates in the UK later this year.

Her first and only tour was a mixture of dance poetry and theatre which wowed her audiences. Readers have been sharing their memories of seeing Kate Bush in 1979.

Ian Kirkpatrick, Chippenham

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image captionIan Kirkpatrick remembers going to see Kate Bush with a couple of friends

I was a teenager at school in Bath. I travelled over to the Hippodrome to buy the tickets in Bristol. I went to the concert with a couple of friends. I remember we were into Lionheart. She was quite an attractive lady.

It was one of the first concerts I'd been to. There were lots of costume changes and dancers. It was so different to the performances of other bands at the time.

The concert programme was very special, it came in its own carrier bag with pictures and postcards, stickers and glossy photos.

No-one else at the time was doing that. How times have changed.

David Vickers, Frodsham, Cheshire

image copyrightIan Kirkpatrick
image captionOriginal Kate Bush tour 1979 concert programme, courtesy of Ian Kirkpatrick

I was at the first show of the tour at the Liverpool Empire with my girlfriend. It was fantastic. To get tickets I had to queue up for half a day three months before the gig. We were six or seven rows back, in the stalls.

It was very theatrical, each show was done as a set piece. I recall Kate having problems with her head mic and when she sang Wow she could only spin one arm as she had to use a hand-held mic.

On a ballad at a quiet moment early in the set, a member of the audience stood up and shouted, "We love you Kate", which got a big cheer and Kate said a quiet: "Thank you."

She didn't talk between songs which made the evening seem even more magical but at the very end of the show she came back onto the stage in tears and said her thank yous, ending with: "I'll never forget tonight."

I still have my programme and cuttings from the moment.

Stephen Allenby, Cramlington, Northumberland

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image captionA collection of Stephen's favourite Kate Bush pictures

I saw Kate at the Sunderland Empire. It was the biggest arena available that was close enough to Newcastle. I was about 26 at the time and went with a couple of friends.

Nobody knew what to expect. I'd never seen anything like that before. She was so unusual.

It wasn't the norm to be normal in those days. Her voice was so different.

To see her perform without a microphone, I think she set the standard for all musicians.

When she performed, her costume changes were so theatrical. There wasn't much for sale from her concerts.

Kate did send me a signed photo many years later which I treasure.

Steve Cork, Sutton

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image captionIt would be interesting to hear if her voice has changed since the first tour

I saw Kate Bush at her first date in London at the London Palladium in 1976. It was the most innovative show I'd ever seen.

I was 15 years old and went on my own. I managed to get the only return ticket that they had.

I also met Kate in 1990 when I was playing a gig at a fan club convention at the Hammersmith Palais. She was so gracious.

She talked about playing live, but I thought it would never happen. It's been a long time coming.

I've been waiting for this - it is totally out of the blue. It will be interesting to hear if her voice has changed over the years.

I've turned into a 15-year-old boy again.

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