Who are the 10 new 'tax fugitives' named by HMRC?

New gallery of wanted individuals (2013)
Image caption The HMRC has added 10 new faces to its gallery of most-wanted

The UK tax authority has published the names and pictures of 10 more people it is pursuing for alleged tax evasion and fraud.

The list, which includes two women, has been released in a bid to find the individuals who may be dotted around the world.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has previously revealed the names and pictures of 21 people who it was pursuing. Only two have been caught over the last year.

So who are the new crop?

Michael "Arthur" Fearon

He is thought to be in the Irish Republic, but was involved in a car chase and crossed over the border into Northern Ireland driving a black Mercedes C200 CDI Sport, according to HMRC.

Fearon was charged in connection with evasion of excise duty on nearly 8.4 million Benson and Hedges cigarettes. He is also wanted by the UK Border Agency in connection to money laundering offences and by the police in the Irish Republic for driving offences.

He is aged between 18 and 25 and HMRC estimates that he cost the taxpayer £2m.

Anish Anand

Anand failed to appear at Croydon Crown Court in April in relation to £6m of VAT and film tax credit fraud, the tax authority says.

He was sentenced to seven years in his absence at the same court in July. Anand was director of a number of companies involved in the fraud.

He is aged between 25 and 35 and thought to be in the UK.

Sumir Soni

Soni is also known as John Soni, John Miller, Samir Soni and Bhader Singh and HMRC believes he is living in Kenya.

He is wanted in connection with the alleged evasion of £3.6m of duty from the illegal sale and distribution of alcohol and the illegal importation of nine million cigarettes, in 2007 and 2008.

Soni failed to appear in court in January 2010 and an international warrant was issued for his arrest at Manchester Crown Court.

Azra Asghar

Azra Asghar and her husband Syed Jamil Asghar were both found guilty for VAT offences, evading £241,000 in tax.

She failed to appear in court in Leicester in January 2002 but received a five-year prison sentence in her absence for her part in the fraud, worth an estimated £120,613.

She is aged between 50 and 60 and could be in Pakistan, the tax authority said.

Christine Ago

She was charged with money laundering offences of £481,808. She failed to appear at Croydon Crown Court in January 2008 and was found guilty in absence and sentenced to three years in prison.

She is aged between 40 and 50 and is thought to be in either the UK or Ghana.

She may also be known as Khristine Frimpong or Jennifer Christine Koranteng. HMRC says.

Ferdinando Latino

An Italian, aged between 45 and 55, Latino is an alleged alcohol smuggler.

He was arrested in December 1998 accused of evading duty estimated at £300,000. He was interviewed and charged with the offence but failed to attend trial in December 1999 at Maidstone Crown Court in Kent.

A warrant was issued for his arrest.

Michael George Voudouri

Voudouri is known to be in northern Cyprus, HMRC says, which has no extradition agreement with the UK.

He is wanted in connection with £10m of VAT fraud, He pleaded guilty at Glasgow High Court in relation to money laundering linked to VAT fraud but failed to appear for sentencing.

He is aged between 40 and 50.

Philip McCarthy

McCarthy is wanted for the attempted importation of more than 7.7 million non-duty paid cigarettes through Southampton.

The cigarettes were falsely listed as 800 boxes of scarves.

He failed to appear at Manchester Crown Court in May 2012 and was sentenced to six years in his absence.

HMRC says McCarthy, who is aged between 55 and 65, cost the taxpayer £1.5m and is thought to be living in he UK or Portugal.

Muhammad Tanwir Khan

Aged 55 to 65 and thought to be living in the UK.

Khan is wanted concerning the alleged submission of false VAT repayment claims totalling £817,857 in relation to the export of goods to Pakistan between 1 May 2006 and 30 April 2011.

He failed to appear at Manchester Crown Court on 17 June this year, the tax authority says.

Yuan Bai Mo

Mo was arrested by HMRC officers at a self storage site. A UK Border Agency (UKBA) handler and dog found seven storage units that were later found to contain tobacco.

Mo, who is aged 30 to 40 and is Chinese, arrived during the search at the self storage site and he held keys to four of the seven units.

In the seven units 8.5 tons of hand rolled tobacco and 7,800 cigarettes were discovered, the tax authority says. Mo failed to appear at court and is now wanted by HMRC, and by UKBA for immigration offences.

The estimated cost to the taxpayer is more than £2.6m.

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