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What's holding women back in the field of science?

A special edition of WorklifeIndia from the India Economic Summit in Delhi
Not a single woman won a Nobel Prize in the science category this year. This is not unusual: according to the United Nations, only 20 women have made it to the list of winners in physics, chemistry, physiology and medicine in more than a hundred years.

While women are increasingly opting to be scientists, there is still a huge gap. Women are often told that subjects like engineering and mathematics are not for them. They face discrimination in hiring, growth and funding for research.

In this special edition, #WorklifeIndia heads to the India Economic Summit organised in Delhi by the World Economic Forum. We speak to female tech entrepreneurs and scientists and ask them what’s holding women back in the field of science.

Presenter: Devina Gupta

Contributors: Sabine Klauke, head of engineering, Airbus Defence and Space; Dr Ruchi Saxena, founder, Caerobotics Healthcare Solutions and director, India Flying Labs; Sarah Zhang, founder, Guangzhishu Technology (Points); Pritika Mehta, data scientist and entrepreneur
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