Empowering Kenya's new generation

The odds are stacked against young people in Kenya. Three-quarters of those under 35 do not have jobs. Poverty and poor education have left 1.3 million youths unemployed - and studies suggest women are five times more likely to struggle to find work than men.

Susan Kayongo, 18, has benefited from a scheme - the Girls Empowerment Micro-franchise project - run by the International Rescue Committee in Nairobi. It is hoped this will become a blueprint to help thousands of young unemployed Kenyan women.

A hair product company has provided capital for Susan - and also trained her in business technique and kitted her out with stock. Now it is up to her to make the business work.

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Slideshow production by Kelvin Brown. Publication date 15 November 2012.


Photographer - Jonathan Kalan

International Rescue Committee

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