Is anyone benefiting from the wealth of the super-rich?


Over the past few decades, the world economy has changed in a remarkable way. With increased globalisation, many jobs have become commoditised. While middle and lower incomes are being squeezed, many people at the top have seen their pay packets increase exponentially. This has created a new global elite - the Super-rich.

In this series on BBC News, we look at the impact of this new economic class on areas such as inequality, philanthropy, executive salaries and the banking bonus culture. We find out what it takes to become super-rich, and take a look at some of the rewards on offer for those who make it.

Watch more videos from this series below.

London: Billionaire's playground

Aaron Heslehurst spends a day with London's super-rich

The woman who gave away $100m

Dame Stephanie Shirley tells Caroline Hawley why she gave away $100m

Private jet company soars

Aaron Heslehurst asks why there is a growing demand for private jets

Brazil's super rich grow richer

Paulo Cabral explores the gap between the very rich and the very poor in Sao Paulo

Indonesia's super-rich help the poor

Entrepreneur Sandiaga Uno tells the BBC's Karishma Vaswani why he chooses to help the underprivileged

The oil-funded super-rich of the UAE

Katy Watson looks at how the rising price of oil has helped the UAE

Maintaining Sweden's equal society

Nick Higham asks how Sweden can keep its society equal

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