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Christmas will push third of UK into debt, says YouGov

image captionYouGov's survey suggests young people will struggle the most with Christmas related debts

Almost one in three people in the UK will go into debt over the Christmas period, according to a YouGov survey.

The survey of 2,015 adults suggests 11% of Britons will lose track of spending, with 31% going into some form of debt to fund Christmas-related costs.

Of these, it suggests 58% will rely more heavily on their credit cards and most of the remainder will cover their costs by using overdraft facilities.

Banking software company Intelligent Environments commissioned the survey.

It found that Britons aged between 25 and 34 struggled the most with money, with 64% facing debts or arrears of some kind.

The survey also found more than a quarter of people - 26% - now go into overdraft at least once a month.

YouGov carried out the online survey between 22 and 24 November 2011. Its figures have been rated to reflect Britain's population aged 18 and over.

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