Davos: A social media guide

Preparing to witness the World Economic Forum's meeting from the comfort of your computer? Here is a list of social media websites and Twitter accounts you can follow to get the latest information - and some of the behind-the-scenes events.

Official accounts

The World Economic Forum this year has a strong online presence and various social media offerings. Some of the sessions will be streamed live and there will be updates from the WEF's official Twitter account.

If you want to see what the leaders attending the meeting have to say about the discussions on Twitter, you can also follow Davos' official list of guests, or their list of the world leaders.

These world leaders will be answering questions uploaded by people on YouTube from two video stations at the venue which have been called the Social Media Corner. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will be the first one to answer a selection of the questions sent by the people.

You can also read the insights from the young global leaders and the tech pioneers who have been invited to the gathering.

The discussions can also be followed through the livestream application on Facebook, which allows people to comment and share as they watch. Or you can explore the different venues using geolocation on Foursquare.

Media presence

You can follow BBC correspondents Tim Weber, Robert Peston and Justin Webb who will be twittering from Davos with all the breaking news and details.

The Financial Times, Reuters, and the Daily Telegraph have created Twitter accounts devoted to Davos.

The World Economic Forum has also created a Twitter list with all the journalists who will be covering the meeting.

If you are going to tweet, please use the hashtag #bbcdavos.

Celebrity watching

Brazilian writer, Davos regular and prolific twitterer Paulo Coelho will be there, along with business and tech celebrities Bill Gates and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Behind the scenes

For the full Davos experience, CNBC's Davos Pulse Twitter account usually publishes updates about the atmosphere and peripheral cultural activities at Davos, such as "line dancing class Monday evening at Ella's Bar".

Meanwhile, the WEF's Anna S has been posting about the venues and the different social media projects around the meeting.

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