Spending cuts 'to hit north harder'

This series of maps is designed to show the "resilience ranking" of local authority areas in England - essentially how vulnerable places are to cuts in public spending.

Based on a range of factors, from the number of professionals to the amount of green space, the lighter areas show the places more likely to fare better in the event of cuts - the darker areas are more vulnerable.

Of all the local authorities, Elmbridge is at number 1, the most resilient. Middlesbrough is at the other end of the scale, ranked 324, the least resilient.

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A more detailed explanation of the Experian data rankings and the methodology is available here.

Resilience: Full Data

DownloadExperian resilience data - in full[645kb]

DownloadExperian methodology[41kb]

These maps only paint the picture for local authorities in England.

In Wales, the latest figures suggest the region could be more vulnerable to spending cuts than other parts of the UK because of the high proportion of people employed in the public sector.

Councils in Scotland also face job losses, cuts in services and increasing charges over the next few years.

In Northern Ireland, Stormont ministers have been told to plan for cutbacks of at least 5% in their budgets for next year alone.

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