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  1. Video content

    Video caption: 'We don't have a lorry driver shortage problem'

    John Lewis says raising wages for HGV drivers means the department store chain doesn't have a shortage problem.

  2. Vaccine passports plan 'idiotic' - Bar chain owner

    BBC Radio Leeds

    The owner of a chain of bars across the north of England has said plans for vaccine passports were "idiotic" and scrapping them was the right thing to do.

    Martin Greenhow

    Nightclubs and other large venues had been told they would have to ask for proof of vaccination from the end of this month, but the plans will not now be going ahead, health secretary Sajid Javid said on Sunday.

    Martin Greenhow (pictured), who owns the Mojo chain, which has bars in Yorkshire, the north west and Nottingham, has told BBC Radio Leeds: "We were shuddering with the thought of having to try and manage a situation with what is, quite frankly, an idiotic idea of Covid passports."

    Mr Greenhow said his venues had taken all Covid measures seriously, but insisted there was no evidence hospitality had caused significant increases in cases.

    He said: "We haven't caused a spike. We haven't caused a problem. You really have to follow the data, as they're very fond of saying, and the data supports the fact that we are not a prime mover in this pandemic."

    The government has said the vaccine passport plan will now be kept in reserve in case it is needed in the future.