Guests wear old bridal dresses to wedding

By Patrick Evans
BBC News

Image source, Circumpunct Studio
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Audrey, in the blue dress, invited her friends to wear their old wedding dresses at her own

A wedding dress is one of the most thought-through outfits a woman will ever make - but it is something most wear only once.

Audrey Moore, an actress based in Culver City, Los Angeles, changed that for her friends when she wed writer Jesse Lumen.

"I'm the last one to be married in my group of friends," she said. "A lot of them told me they were sad they had never worn their dress again".

In a Eureka moment, the idea came to Audrey that she could use her own wedding to give her friends an excuse to don their old dresses.

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"My friends were all so excited and as they had always said they regretted not being able to wear their dresses again," she said.

Audrey and Jesse married on 30 December 2018 and, committed Reddit users, they shared their novel theme on the platform.

Their post caught people's attention and in just a couple of days it has amassed almost 90,000 up-votes.

Many of the comments praised the couple for their idea.

"My friends and I get wine drunk and watch Britney videos in our old prom dresses," one user said. "Once we're all married, in a year, it'll be our wedding dresses."

Audrey said she was pleased the post had encouraged other people to wear their wedding dress again.

"When people spend so much money on a dress it's great if they wear it again and feel magical as many times as they like."

Other Reddit users were concerned that guests who were unmarried might have felt left out.

But Audrey said that, as most of her friends were married, this had not been a problem at her event.

"I was pretty much the last girl standing," she said, adding the few unmarried women "wore their mother's wedding dress or put on a costume".

In fact, many of Audrey's friends were more worried about upstaging her with their dresses but she knew that her choice of a blue dress would make her stand out.

"I'd been to almost all their weddings and knew they'd be in white," she wrote on Reddit.