Pink's seven-year-old daughter using rifle sparks debate

By Sarah Jenkins
BBC News

Image source, PA
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Carey Hart and Pink have two children together, Willow, 7, and Jameson, 3

Singer Pink's husband, Carey Hart, has sparked debate after posting a video on Instagram of their seven-year-old daughter shooting a rifle.

Sharing the video to his 913,000 followers, the former motocross racer said the child was "getting pretty good" after he "started her shooting" at three years old.

The video has received more than 300,000 views and 5,000 comments - with some people praising Mr Hart and others questioning his decision to allow his daughter to handle a firearm.

In the post's caption, the father-of-two said: "I'm raising the kids with knowledge of firearms, how to handle them, shoot them, store them and avoid them in uneducated hands."

Despite acknowledging the video was controversial by stating he had "poked the parent police bear", it didn't take long for debate to ensue in the comments.

One user said: "There is absolutely no reason why a three-year-old needs to be shooting a gun. It is just indoctrinating the toxic American culture that guns are somehow 'cool' and a 'hobby'."

The 43-year-old responded to the comment by writing: "That is your opinion. I never slam people for speaking their opinion. I enjoy debate and shedding light on subjects that are sensitive like this. Now when you disrespect my country or 'culture' I feel I have every right to get nasty."

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But some Instagram-users defended the motocross star, with one stating: "I am a deputy and want to thank you for doing that. We need more parents out there like you guys."

In other comments, Mr Hart made reference to the Second Amendment to the US constitution - the right to bear arms.

The topic has long been subject to debate in the US - with prominent figures calling for more gun control, often following fatal mass shootings.

But there are many people who are dedicated to protecting their right to bear arms. The most influential organisation on this side of the debate is the National Rifle Association (NRA), which has lobbied heavily against all forms of gun control.