Chinese Peppa Pig fans wish to meet Queen

By Kerry Allen & Patrick Evans

image copyright@bella_juan mao Tou
image captionThese sisters say their dream is to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace

Thousands of users on the Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo are discussing a video message sent from the British Ambassador to two little girls.

Dame Barbara Woodward, the British ambassador to China, has said she wants to help make their dream come true.

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It comes after the girls Mi Ni and Mi Ai made a video on 31 December sharing their new year's wishes. They said that after watching an episode of Peppa Pig where the animals visit the Queen that they too now wanted to meet her.

The girls added that their mother said she would take them to meet the Queen if they worked hard and practised piano.

The video, posted by their mother on Sina Weibo copying in the British Embassy, has since racked up millions of views. About 3.2 million have watched it via China Daily alone.

image copyrightBritish Embassy China
image captionDame Barbara Woodward, British Ambassador to China

Dame Barbara has now replied to the girls with her own video message.

"I want to see what I can do to help make your dream come true," she says in the video after thanking them for their message.

"But first I would like you to come and visit me in my house in Beijing," she continues, "and we can perhaps have tea and scones in the British style."

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image captionPeppa Pig is a popular cartoon in China

Posh Peppa

Many Weibo users have had their heart warmed by both the girls' and ambassador's videos.

"In the children's minds, this was probably just a dream, but for someone to be willing to help her, that's really good," wrote one user.

"I am full of affection for those who help defend a child's dreams," said another comment praising the ambassador.

But not everyone was so happy. One user questioned if Peppa Pig was "secretly instilling the children with an aristocratic consciousness".

"This is the unified plan of capitalist countries," posted another.

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