'Woman, man, gay' - 15-year-old toilet sign causes controversy

By Sherie Ryder
BBC UGC and Social News

Image source, Twitter
Image caption, 'Woman, man, gay'

Gender markings on lavatories are a huge talking point, so it is no surprise an apparently old 'gay' sign for the toilets at an Italian B&B has caused controversy.

Le Camporelle di Cavallino, a farmhouse in Lecce, southern Italy, has been criticised for signage which separates users into male, female and gay.

Although the photo has only recently been circulated on social media, it would appear that the sign has been around for longer. One person's criticism appeared on travel website Tripadvisor in 2016:

Image source, TripAdvisor

LGBT groups have accused the B&B - which has agreed to take down the sign - of confusing sexual orientation and gender identity.

Gianluca Rollo, who shared a post from an LGBT organisation, Liberamente e Apertamente, to highlight the signage, told local newspaper, Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia, the sign was demeaning and misleading.

The owners, however, blame the previous management for making the sign, which is thought to have been installed 15 years ago.

Speaking to national newspaper Repubblica, the owners insisted it was covered up when they took over, so never thought to remove it, adding:

"We have often hosted homosexual couples with whom we have established beautiful relationships to the point that some have become family friends."

They are also disappointed that their B&B is getting such bad publicity, especially as somebody uncovered and photographed a sign which wasn't even theirs.

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