Peter Crouch jokes about giraffe genes in holiday snap

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Image caption English striker Peter Crouch is considered as one of football's funniest men

Summer is all about sea, sun, and fun. For English footballer Peter Crouch, it's also about spending time with gentle giants of another species.

While on holiday in Sardinia, the 6ft 7in Stoke City striker shared a photo of himself enjoying a break by spending time with what he suggested was his giraffe "family".

The tweet prompted hundreds of thousands of reactions and puns and giggles ensued.

Standing as the second tallest player in the Premier League, Mr Crouch, 36, has a knack for being funny and is known for being self-deprecating.

Nearly 10 years ago, he told Soccer AM: "Had I not become a footballer, I think I would have been a virgin."

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The verified account for Premier League in the USA poked fun at Mr Crouch, saying he had his "mom's eyes".

Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright also showed his love for the photo, "rolling on the floor laughing" on Twitter.

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Among several responses Welsh Olympic medallist Matthew Elias said the towering footballer had effectively "won Twitter".

Earlier this year, Mr Crouch surpassed the milestone of 100 Premier League goals.

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While BBC presenter Mark Clemmit responded to the photo with a play on words.

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This isn't the first time the world's tallest animals have featured on Mr Crouch's social media.

For his birthday this year, he was gifted this card with well wishes from an animal whose legs alone are taller than most humans.

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Image caption The gentle giant theme appeared to be recurring - Mr Crouch was gifted this card on his birthday this year

Sadly, giraffe populations in Africa have dropped in the last 30 years because of habitat loss and poaching.

Meanwhile, the BBC Natural World team recently took 20 of the world's rarest giraffe subspecies across the Nile River.

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