Memes mocking Facebook roll out Stories for everything

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Stories for everything

The internet is poking fun at Facebook's newly-launched Stories feature on its app.

Stories is a feed of videos and pictures in the top strip of an app that typically disappear within 24 hours.

While it originated in Snapchat, similar features have recently been added to Facebook-owned Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

However, its latest appearance on the Facebook app had prompted social media users to create memes rolling it out to almost everything.

KFC Australia joined in on the fun, with their own KFC stories bucket.

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While other users shared a meme of Stories on a McDonald's touch screen self-service kiosk.

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Some showed pregnancy tests and Xanax pills with Stories tabs.

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Microwaves and iClicker remotes also incorporate the feature in the memes.

Even a car dashboard and a highway Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system joined the online roll-out.

And if you were to find yourself getting pulled over, Iowa State University Police are planning Stories for their tickets.

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The feature also trickled into academic memes, including Microsoft Excel sheets, books, and calculators.

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While one woman tried to revive the Crocs trend making the shoes more social-media friendly.

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The memes also included things you would find around the house like bananas and toilet paper.

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And should cats get bored while home alone they need to look no further than their own legs for entertainment.

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Could the craze even include Stories for presidential candidates on electronic voting machines?

One Twitter user sees the future.

By the UGC and Social News team

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