Americans say #ImVotingBecause as the world pleads 'do the right thing'

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Image caption Americans go to the polls in #Election2016

On social media today: America goes to the polls to pick its next leader and many round the world want a say in who it chooses. In the Philippines, a Supreme Court decision to enable former President Ferdinand Marcos to be buried in the Heroes' Cemetery angers many. And here in the UK there's a debate about whether a puppet should wear a poppy

Welcome to the finale!

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Image caption Americans finally choose who wins the White House after months of campaigning that has polarised opinion

It's here! The day many are describing as "the series finale of America", the day the United States chooses its president, it's #Election2016!

The hashtag #ImVotingBecause was trending this morning with more than 540,000 tweets and the five most retweeted posts were all from Hillary Clinton's former Democratic rival Bernie Sanders.

His key point? "We need a president who will bring our nation together, not someone who will divide us by race or religion," he says.

Behind him is a raft of Donald Trump supporters, top among them Clint Eastwood, who says: "President Trump will save America, Hillary will just continue her pay to play scheme but on an even larger scale #corrupt."

Many of these tweets are repeating points that the Trump campaign has used to criticise Mrs Clinton - for example over the 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya when Clinton was secretary of state. But many of the tweets also repeat unfounded allegations and lies about her: that she is an alcoholic, for example, or a murderer or a Satanist.

Or they exaggerate or distort reality: "We have 1.5 million homeless Americans living on the street, meanwhile illegals get free healthcare, food, and housing," says one.

As for the two candidates themselves, Mrs Clinton has been encouraging people to vote on her Twitter account, even leaping on to the #MannequinChallenge bandwagon with one - a craze where groups of people stand as if frozen in action, as a camera pans round:

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While Mr Trump has remained uncharacteristically taciturn, offering only a single thought so far:

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Need a quick recap on how we got here? Watch this video on the last 19 months in 170 seconds.

Messages to America

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Image caption "Let other people in, listen to your women, stop killing black children, make America great again," sings Nadya Tolokonnikova in a provocative video

It might be America's election but many people from around the world want a voice in it as well.

"Dear America, Please don't screw this up. Love Every non-American on Earth," says one popular #Election2016 tweet from South Africa today.

"Come on, America. Don't let us down. Do the right thing! Please!" urges another from the UK.

Prominent pleas on social media have come from entertainers like Bollywood star Salman Khan, Pussy Riot in Russia, Boy George in the United Kingdom and Fakir from Morocco.

And, though comments in response both agree and disagree with their endorsements, they all want to see Hillary Clinton in the White House.

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Marcos "no hero" say many on Twitter

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Image caption Former President Ferdinand Marcos used martial law to rule the Philippines for several years

The Filipino Supreme Court decision to allow the body of former President Ferdinand Marcos, to be moved to the Heroes' Cemetery in Manila has elicited strong reactions on Twitter.

More than 100,000 tweets mentioning his name have been sent since the decision this morning and many of the most popular are aghast.

"Marcos IS NOT a hero & will never be. His triumphs during his time can NEVER justify the death of thousands. We will not forget. #NeverAgain," said one.

"This is not reconciliation, it is the redemption of the Marcos family. Their personal wishes over national interest. Yet again," was another comment.

President Rodrigo Duterte proposed the move in August to fulfil an election promise to Marcos's family.

The decision is opposed by many who say it is inappropriate to give a man blamed for thousands of killings, tortures and abductions an honourable burial.

"There are literally thousands more tortured and killed during Marcos era. Tell it to their relatives, to their graves, that Marcos is a hero," said another.

Marcos's family still enjoys popular support in the Ilocano region in the Philippines but, on Twitter, only a few spoke up:

"Anti-Marcos advocates expected the SC to rule based on emotion. They wanted the judges to disregard the law just to grant their wishes," said one.

Cookie Monster's poppy

Image caption Among other things, Cookie Monster talked about his love for British biscuits on The One Show

And finally - care to join the debate on whether Cookie Monster should or should not have been wearing a poppy on The One Show last night?

Comments on Twitter - and there have been more than 8,000 - fall into three camps: baffled; outraged that a puppet is wearing a poppy; and baffled that people are outraged a puppet wore a poppy.

"Hard to get your head around the mentality that thinks there's a need to pin a poppy on Cookie Monster," said one popular comment.

"I'm simultaneously amused, baffled and alarmed by this. What was the thought process of whomever thought 'must pin poppy on Cookie Monster'?" asked another.

"BBC called it wrong I think. Papers with headlines like 'COOKIE MONSTER DOESN'T WEAR POPPY!' would have exposed how ridiculous it all is," said another viewer.

Some however thought: "Don't know what's more weird, the cookie monster wearing a poppy on tv or the outrage that someone put a poppy on the cookie monster."

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