'Independence Day' trends after EU vote

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For many supporters of the victorious Leave campaign, 23 June was quickly dubbed the UK's 'Independence Day' online - although others took issue with the phrase.

Inspired by Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage - Farage called for an annual bank holiday to commemorate the vote - more than 65,000 tweets included the phrase in the hours after the polls closed. The main sentiment under the hashtag #IndependenceDay? Jubilation.

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A number of the most popular tweets actually came from the United States, where many conservative activists also cheered the result.

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Chatter under the hashtag was not universally positive however, as critics of the Leave movement also voiced their views. Many scoffed at the idea of the EU as a colonial power. "I'm astounded by the insensitivity of people calling this our 'Independence Day', we were not colonised by the EU," tweeted one.

The Hollywood film "Independence Day 2: Resurgence" is also just out, which wasn't lost on people.

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