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Image caption "You can't but love this city. #Moscow"

When a Twitter account specialising in what's hot and happening in the Russian capital published a scenic photo with the words "You can't but love this city. #Moscow", many residents were left, well, puzzled.

Not that they had anything against promoting their city online. Or that they didn't love Moscow. It's just that the tweeted picture was… not Moscow.

The city in the picture, posted by the popular Moscow Herald account, was quickly identified as Tampere in Finland. And the mistake could probably be partially explained by the fact that several stock photography websites actually offer this photo with a caption that mistakenly identifies it as Moscow. But Russian social media did not feel like letting this one go quite so easily.

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Memes poured in, mimicking the style of the initial post and accompanied by all kind of funny phrases. Some users posted photos of various cities, real and imaginary, accompanying them with the #Moscow hashtag.

Image copyright Twitter/BorroBorroo
Image caption Moscow or Tatooine from Star Wars

Others decided to take the joke further. One user posted this photo of a palm tree to express their love of the birch tree.

Image copyright Twitter/5th_kolonna
Image caption "You can't but love this tree. #Birch"

Favourite basketball players were also discussed. For examples, you can't help but love Michael Jordan, right?

Image copyright Twitter/Yoghikitt
Image caption "You can't but love this basketball player. #Jordan"

Even Ukraine's ex-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk had his moment of glory! Or was it a certain electronic music star?

Image copyright Twitter/rls_the_kraken
Image caption "You can't but love this musician. #Moby"

The Moscow Herald - which is not the official account of the city - did not take the tweet down even after it emerged that it had got the city wrong.

Image copyright Twitter/NovostiMsk
Image caption "Now we are certain that you cannot be tricked!"

Instead, it said it was all a joke, and tweeted, "Hello, our attentive friends! Now we are certain that you cannot be tricked, and will recognise your beloved city among thousands of others!".

Blog by Dmytro Zotsenko

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