'A bad day to be named Adam Johnson'

I'm still not the footballer from Sunderland Image copyright Adam___Johnson /Twitter

The Premier League footballer Adam Johnson's name is trending in the UK after he pleaded guilty to one count of sexual activity with a child and one charge of grooming. But other innocent Adam Johnsons have been at the receiving end of hate filled tweets today, as Twitter trolls targeted the wrong Adam Johnson.

The Sunderland winger who has 12 England caps has also denied two charges of sexual activity with a girl aged under 16. His case is due to be formally opened on Friday.

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Image caption England footballer Adam Johnson arrives at Bradford Crown Court

Since the news of his plea at Bradford Crown Court broke on social media, just before midday, his name has been tweeted more than 37,000 times.

The serious nature of the charges has given rise to a polarised debate, with strong feelings. Much of the debate does not stray into the area of abuse.

But some of the comments are personal, and since the 28-year-old is not himself on Twitter, that has left other Adam Johnsons to pick up this mail.

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One of them, an Adam Johnson from Liverpool, has been at the receiving end of abuse on behalf of comments meant for his more famous counterpart before. To try and avoid any confusion he pinned a tweet to his profile, making it clear that he was not "the footballer from Sunderland".

Today he was forced to issue another similar message as the hashtag #AdamJohnson started to grow.

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Another Adam Johnson, who describes himself as a poker player and online writer from Middlesbrough, has also been at the receiving end of abuse.

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The former Bloomberg TV anchor Adam Johnson has also tried to make clear to football fans that he is not the Sunderland footballer.

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Despite the fact that American writer Adam Johnson has made clear in his Twitter name ("AdamJohnsonNYC") that he doesn't live in the UK, it hasn't stopped him being the victim of abuse today.

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Image copyright AdamJohnsonNYC/ Twitter
Image copyright AdamJohnsonNYC

The good news for victims of confused identity everywhere is that Twitter storms tend to end fairly quickly.

But spare a thought for John Lewis, a computer scientist from America who politely responds on a daily basis to the hundreds of people who mistakenly identify him as the British high street retailer.

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