Snowed in and making scones on the US eastern seaboard

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With winds of up to 50mph (80km/h), white-out conditions and well over a foot (30 cm) of snow, millions on the US mid-Atlantic coast were encouraged to just stay inside, and save sledding and snowmen for another day - never mind driving.

Thanks to social media, those Americans trapped indoors are able to communicate with the rest of the world what life is like in a storm some are calling "Snowzilla".

Many have taken to the kitchen, with some posting Pinterest-worthy photos of their culinary creations.

"I am at a house with a person making stew," writes the New Yorker's Emily Nussbaum. "I just texted a friend. She is making stew. At a separate house, her sister is also making stew."

Salon's Mary Beth Williams writes that she "pages through her copy of Cookie Love. Looks outside at snowstorm. 'Kids,' she says ominously. 'We're going to need more butter.'"

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Some have turned to retail therapy to help their housebound blues.

"Not even 24 hours into this #jonasblizzard and I'm already online shopping like there's no tomorrow," tweeted Jess Kidding.

"'I've done some, well, let's call it 'research'... am thinking we'll see a boost to online retail sales in January's data," tweeted Monica Rivituso Comas.

And some found time to multi-task: "There's two addictions that come about on snow days... Online shopping and Netflix," wrote one Twitter user.

But it's not all domestic bliss - snow continued well into the night for many in the path of the storm, and even by Saturday morning some were already showing signs of snow fatigue.

"Snow days were cool when I was 10. Now it's 8:44am and I'm already stir crazy," wrote Nashville resident Mark Block.

Especially for those with kids, a weekend with nothing to do sounds less than relaxing.

"Forty five min to get the 21MO dressed for the snow. 20 min outside. Already did puzzles, coloring, tea party. Going to be a long 48 hrs," wrote journalist Beth Braverman.

Still, one man - who has reason to have more cabin fever than the rest of us - was able to appreciate the snow. Astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted a beauty shot of the storm from his perch in the International Space Station.

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Image caption US astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted a picture of the snowstorm from the International Space Station

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