What's David Cameron watching on the telly, exactly?

@David_Cameron tweets: It was great to watch Tim Peake blast off on his mission to join the International Space Station. Image copyright @David_Cameron/Twitter

The British Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted a photo of himself watching the launch of the Soyuz rocket to space. Enter political opponents and journalists, who saw a chance to wield Photoshop and create the latest political meme.

One of the first tweets came from Buzzfeed reporter Jamie Ross, showing Cameron tuning into the wrong channel and watching the BBC programme Bargain Hunt. BBC Trending asked Ross why he created the image. "I was just taking part in the honourable tradition of making fun of David Cameron when he posts Photoshoppable images on Twitter," he said.

Image copyright @JamieRoss7/Twitter

Soon, questionable humour was being deployed by political opponents. Fundraiser and Liberal Democrat supporter, Cal Roscow showed a cartoon image of Peppa Pig characters - a sly reference to a story contained in former Conservative Party treasurer Lord Ashcroft's unauthorised biography of the prime minister.

Image copyright @calroscow/Twitter

Roscow denies that he's joining in the base humour online for political reasons, saying "I think this is a bit more subtle." He added: "I suspect his social media team knew how good the photo was for editing, so perhaps I've been drawn into doing exactly what they intended."

A Labour party member, Hamish, shows the prime minister about to watch The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Image copyright @HamishP95/Twitter

Huffington Post staffer Ryan Barrell's image shows Cameron viewing a warning to pay the TV Licence fee.

Image copyright @RyanBarrell/Twitter

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