Emoji Budget 2015

UK Chancellor George Osborne's pre-election budget took 8,033 words and 59 minutes to deliver. But who really needs hour-long speeches? Or even words?

Here we've boiled down a few of the key provisions of Budget 2015 in emojis. It's a slightly shorter read ... with the advantage that fits in your pocket (although we do recommend viewing on a phone).

Beer duty cut by 1p. Cider and spirit duty cut by 2p. Wine duty frozen.

No change to tobacco and gaming taxes. (Although previously announced cigarette tax increases will remain - meaning an additional of 16p on a packet of 20 cigarettes.)

Petrol duty frozen.

Paper tax returns to be abolished.

£15m church repair roof fund to be trebled.

Toll for Severn river crossings to be scrapped (from 2018).

Of course there was a lot more in the Budget - so if that's not quite enough detail for you, take a look at our Budget-at-a-glance (featuring several additional words) and check out all the angles and reaction on the BBC's Budget live page.

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