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Musically, Bob Marley, Carly Rae Jepson and Jay Z might not have a lot in common.

But lyrically, they've all become a bit more British.

They are just three of the artists whose greatest hits are being parodied by Twitter users inspired by the #MakeASongBritish prompt, started by Comedy Central's popular @midnight show.

So what exactly makes a song British? Well, it depends who you ask.

Some of the most-favourited tweets hone in on the particularly British habit of speaking in a roundabout, polite manner.

Twitter user @thismademecool turned lyrics from Jay Z's 99 Problems into: "I've got 99 problems, but don't worry about me. How are you? How are the kids? The weathers rubbish isn't it?"

And @Moorigoon translated the chourus from Jepson's 2012 hit Call Me Maybe into: "We've just become acquainted, and this is highly unusual, but here's my number, so ring me perhaps"

Other tweets focus on British slang, terminology and geography.

For instance, Marley sang "I shot the sheriff," but Twitter user @rougesandbrouges goes a different way: "I shot the constable (but I did not shoot the community support officer)"

And the Proclaimers' I Would Walk 500 Miles is now "I would walk 804.67km & I would walk 804.67km more just to be the bloke who walked 1609.34kms to fall down at your door" at the hands of the number-crunching @FightGirlDesign.

And of course, plenty of Twitter users looked to the most quintessentially British of beverages.

"Hello, is it tea you're looking for?" tweeted @EvanEdinger.

"My tea brings all the boy to the garden" wrote @RollinMike1D.

"You've Got to Fight for your Right to have a Tea Party" adds @paul_lander.

Looking for more #MakeASongBritish humour? Our friends at Anglophenia have also collected their favourite examples of the trend. What are yours? Tweet @BBCTrending to let us know!

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