BBC Trending radio: YouTube star LeFloid and a maid gets rescued

German YouTube star LeFloid walks along the road next to the Berlin Wall
Image caption German YouTube star LeFloid talks about his personal take on the news

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A German YouTube Star

Charlotte McDonald travels to Berlin to meet one of Germany's biggest YouTube personalities, LeFloid. The 27-year-old vlogger is the man behind 'LeNews', a channel that takes a different approach to current affairs to get people talking.

Rescue in Saudi Arabia

When a Filipina domestic worker in Saudi Arabia posted a video of her living conditions it was shared half a million times. We find out how the video led to her rescue and provoked debate in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries.

The Trending Minute

A flying lamb chop, #fergusonriottips, dancing in Iran and pit bulls in America - all in sixty seconds.

Presented by India Rakusen and Charlotte McDonald.

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