#BBCtrending: Was Indian politician dropped for supporting #MyCleanIndia?

Earlier this week BBC Trending reported on the Indian prime minister's attempt to clean up India with an online campaign. Now an opposition MP has been sacked from his role as party spokesman, after showing support for the project.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's version of the "Ice Bucket Challenge" was launched with great gusto earlier this month. The online challenge called people to clean up a small patch of India, and nominate others to do the same - tagging their posts with the #MyCleanIndia hashtag.

Shashi Tharoor - MP and spokesman for the opposition Indian National Congress party - was delighted to be nominated by Modi himself. "Honoured to accept the invitation," he tweeted. Congress party members complained that Tharoor shouldn't be supporting the prime minister's campaign. Shortly afterwards the party announced he would be removed from the post, and Tharoor said he accepted the decision.

Now thousands have taken to Twitter using the hashtag #TharoorSacked to criticize the decision of the party. The term has appeared more than 5,000 times in the last 24 hours.

Our earlier report looked at whether the #MyCleanIndia viral challenge was really going viral - click to watch it below.

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Media caption BBC Trending's original report on the #MyCleanIndia campaign

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