#BBCTrending: Twin Peaks, the show made for Gifs

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Twin Peaks, a murder mystery set in the Pacific North-West, is director David Lynch's seminal TV drama. Originally aired in 1991, the show has become one of the US's biggest cult hits.

Since Lynch announced that a new season of Twin Peaks would be released in 2016 on the US cable network Showtime, phrases associated with the show have spiked on Twitter - #damngoodcoffee (42,000 mentions), David Lynch (24,000) and TwinPeaks (145,000). Tumblr, always a reliable source for Twin Peaks Gifs, is reacting with Log Lady levels of delight.

Despite entering the popular culture in a time before the internet and digital video recording, the show has developed a strong following online.

The Washington Post's pop culture blogger Alyssa Rosenberg says the show is returning to a changed television landscape, but one for which it is well suited.

"It's coming back into a totally different media environment," said Rosenberg. "It's also coming back at a time when the audience of Twin Peaks has grown. It's a show that has had two and a half decades to accumulate a following - people who didn't watch it at the time, as well as people who tuned into every episode and were obsessed, can finally be on the same page."

But will the show go out of its way to cater to a live-tweeting generation?

"The original was built beautifully for remix culture. Whether the second iteration of it has the same moments, I'd be curious to see," said Rosenberg. "Is Lynch as a filmmaker aware of how social media works today? I think it'll be a fascinating experiment."

Lynch's penchant for the strange and off-putting will keep online viewers busy, she predicts.

"Watching new Twin Peaks episodes will give social media users an opportunity to hit the button on Twitter, or whatever medium they're using, to process their experience, not just when something new and surprising happens, but when they see call-backs to the original series," she says.

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