#BBCtrending radio: Scotland #indyref special

Selection of images from Anne-Marie Tomchak in Scotland

On 18 September the people of Scotland will vote in a referendum on whether to become independent from the rest of the United Kingdom. Passions are running high and the debate is being played out across social platforms in the shape of songs, hashtags and at times online abuse, or trolling.

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Anne-Marie Tomchak travels to the Scottish Highlands to meet Richard Crawford who's running local Facebook pages for the Better Together campaign - which wants Scotland to stay in the UK. In Edinburgh, she meets Lady Alba who's making parody YouTube videos in support of a Yes vote for independence. And in Glasgow, she hears from the people heading up the official social media campaigns - Yes Scotland and Better Together. And helping us cut through all the digital noise is social media expert Mike McGrail.

Produced by Anna Meisel.

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