#BBCtrending: Do women need bigger parking spaces?

Special parking spaces for women in China, controversy over water in Detroit and Russians imposing their own sanctions on Western goods. Here are some of the trends we're keeping an eye on.

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China's female parking spaces

"What takes up 12 parking spaces? 6 women drivers!" This is a sexist joke about the skills of female drivers but it pretty much sums up one of the talking points on Chinese and also international social media right now. A shopping mall in China has sparked controversy after allocating extra wide spaces for women. They're marked out in pink with the message "Ladies Only". They give about 11 inches (28cm) more room than the average space.

There's been a mixed reaction on the Chinese micro blogging site Sina Weibo. Some thought it was a good idea while others found it sexist and disrespectful. "Aren't men and women equal? There's March 8 International Women's Day. There are women's colleges. There are female-only compartments on trains. Now there's a ladies only parking space. Is it really equal?!" wrote one user.

Eat Russian

As the EU plans to widen sanctions against Russia, a hashtag which translates as #EatRussian is trending there. Western leaders have accused Russia of arming rebels in eastern Ukraine, and these groups are widely being linked to the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. Russian social media users have responded to the prospect of fresh sanctions by urging people to eat home produce and avoid food from the West. "Down with Cola and burgers!" wrote one Twitter user. "I'm gonna have some borscht :)" tweeted another, despite the dish being originally from Ukraine.

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Detroit water crisis

Water is trending in Detroit as the US city grapples with $89m (£52m) in overdue water bills. Last week those behind in paying their bills had their supply cut off. Officials have since put the action on hold to give customers time to come forward and prove they genuinely can't pay. The hashtag #DetroitWater was used more than 17,000 times in the past week. The internet is also being used to solve the problem. A new crowdfunding project called Turn on Detroit's Water matches those struggling to pay with donors who want to help.

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Reporting by Anne-Marie Tomchak

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